This page is comprised of video taken live at various events we’ve performed at – we’ve posted these videos so you can get a first-hand, real-time look at exactly how we transition from song to song at an event, as this is really the essence of what a DJ is getting paid to do. Many clients blindly hire a DJ based on Yelp reviews or reputation, but as the success or failure of an event that includes dancing largely rides on a DJ’s ability to keep guests dancing, hiring blindly can be a dangerous gamble! A DJ who simply plays the entire song in an unmixed format, or whose transitions are rough / awkward will not be able to obtain the same results on the dance-floor as a SKILLED mixing DJ. And the truth is, SKILLED wedding DJs are the exception – not the rule.

When watching the videos, please note that the vast majority of the videos capture one or more song-to-song transitions (ie a “mix”). This way, you can see exactly how we transition from song to song in “real time”.

I’ve noticed most of the (few) DJ companies who put together promotional YouTube videos show clips of guests dancing (more often than not, they even use a BACKING track playing in the background rather than the live audio from the event – I’ll let you smart folks do the math on that one!) , but never capture the DJ in the process of actually mixing two songs together. I guess my question is – what can you learn about a DJ’s skill level without seeing (or hearing) an actual mix?

In any case, these videos demonstrate what we can do “live in the mix”. When comparing DJs, PLEASE don’t take anyone’s word that they “mix” or use “turntables” – ask to see a demo video (and one with LIVE audio of the DJ mixing songs, not some silly slide-show style BACKING track playing in the background). đŸ˜‰ – DJ Jeremy

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