Late December Cavallo Point Wedding…our second-to-last 2014 wedding.

Hello all,

I wanted to share a few photos from our 12-28-14 Cavallo Point wedding. We have a NYE wedding booked this year, so this one is our “second-to-last” event of 2014.

Cavallo Point is a fantastic wedding venue located at the old Fort Baker army post in Sausalito, CA. The 100 year old Mission Blue Chapel can be used for wedding ceremonies, and the Callippe Ballroom and Callippe Foyer were converted from an old army gymnasium into a fantastic wedding reception site.

This was an absolutely gorgeous day, and a reminder of why we book wedding events year-round here in the San Francisco Bay Area:


Here are a few shots of the ceremony setup in the Mission Blue Chapel (we provided the audio package and wireless microphones for the ceremony):

Mission Blue Chapel Wedding

Mission Blue Chapel DJ Cavallo PointAnd here’s a shot from the party in the Callippe Ballroom:

Cavallo Point Wedding DJ

DJ Jeremy Productions Google By Jeremy D

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