“Cheesy” wedding music…

As most of you are aware, songs such as “The Cupid Shuffle” and “Shout” are considered by many to be quintessential cheesy wedding songs, and under normal circumstances I won’t touch them with a 20 foot pole as not to risk offending my clients. In general, this is something I’m very mindful about as a wedding DJ – I don’t want to turn anyone’s wedding into a rehash of “The Wedding Singer”.

HOWEVER, if a client of mine specifically wants or OKs songs of this nature (sometimes its a concession to a parent or close family member – you know how that goes), I’m more than happy to throw them in. If people enjoy them (and let’s be real – like the song or hate it, you can’t argue that the reaction I get to “Shout” in the below video isn’t a great one) and they aren’t offensive to you, then they’re all good by me. And trust me, lots of my super hip clients (like the indie-minded one who hired me for the wedding in this video) are OK with bending a bit to please the guests in attendance, even if they personally can’t stand such tunes themselves. 🙂

However, unlike those boring old ITunes wedding DJs, I’ll add a little “in the mix” flavor to how they are presented. Check out the following video of the mix between the two aforementioned “cheesy” wedding tunes 😉 :

DJ Jeremy

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