DJ Jeremy 5-15-10 in the Netherlands…

I recently had the opportunity to DJ a wedding for a Dutch acquaintance of ours over in the Netherlands on 5/15/10. I found it interesting that for Dutch (and other European weddings) that its normal to invite some of the guests for the ceremony and dinner, while other guests are only invited to join in for drinks/ mingling/ dancing after dinner is over. While as per U.S. standards it would be considered a slight to invite a guest for only PART of a wedding, I actually think its a great idea. For those on limited budgets, you could have many folks join in for the party part of the evening while keeping the per head dinner costs down by limiting the dinner count to close friends and family. I guess the double edged sword here would be determining WHO would be considered “close” (and who wouldn’t!). 😉

Anyways, here’s a little video clip of me mixing a couple songs at the wedding…

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