It’s never too early to book…

Just a reminder to you kids that waiting too long to book your wedding vendors might leave you in the cold.

Each year, I have tons of inquiries come in for prime summer Saturday dates a month or two before the actual date, and its amazing how surprised people are to find that those dates were booked over a year in advance.

If you’re planning a Friday or Sunday or off-season (January to mid-March) wedding, you have considerably more luxury to procrastinate. However, if you’re looking to book a prime-season Saturday, don’t sit on the sidelines too long or you may have to compromise.

This year, I’ve had a ton of inquiries from late booking clients who want “outside the box” music like house or indie stuff played at their weddings, and a majority of the wedding DJs out there don’t even carry that type of music in their libraries. If you’re a client who is looking for non-standard music, you really need to be more pro-active than most, as there aren’t many wedding DJs like myself who are familiar with this type of music, let alone who can mix it skillfully.

In any case, its never too soon to book…

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