My thoughts on putting together a dance music play/ suggestion/ request list for your event (wedding or otherwise)…

1. If you give me a list of songs for your event and expect me to do nothing but stick to the list, you’re wasting your hard-earned money and would be better off hooking up an IPod. Not suggested. 😦

2. Put a fairly short list together that is representative of your taste in music, and give the me the flexibility to pick songs in the same genres/ styles that I know from experience will work on the dance-floor. I do this every weekend, and your really paying me to call on this experience to make your party “go”.

3. Tell me if there are any songs you don’t want me to mix out of quickly (even if they are causing a mass exodus on the dance floor). As a DJ, I’m programmed to quickly mix into a “Plan B” song if I play a tune that causes folks to stop dancing…truth be told, its usually “requested” songs that I’m trying to service that fail, and I don’t want to hurt a client’s feeling by cutting a favorite song short. However, my prime directive is to keep people on the dance-floor, so make sure you’re clear about how you want those requests handled if you have strong inclinations about certain songs.

4. Bottom line…trust the DJ! 😉

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