Wedding “tradition”?

Here’s my opinion…your wedding is your wedding. Just because 50 million other couples incorporated certain events into their weddings, it certainly doesn’t mean you need to bust out the cookie cutter and follow suit.

I’ve done lots of weddings this year where my clients didn’t want to be formally introduced, or didn’t want to be invited to the dance floor for their first dance (they just wanted the music to be played, and felt that an announcement wasn’t necessary). In fact, it seems to be a trend here in Northern California…

However, I’ve run in to multiple recent occasions where either the venue coordinator, photographer or another random vendor has literally freaked out when I’ve explained to them that we won’t be doing a formal announcement for these events. I guess many of these folks are so set in their ways that they can’t accept that a wedding couple might find formal announcements cheesy or distasteful.

Even though I’ve pointed out to these folks that it clearly shows on the day of wedding time-line/ schedule (I have all my clients put a day-of-wedding time-line together for me to follow) that no announcement is to be made, 9 times out of ten they’ve run over to the bride/ groom to confirm, as in their mind there’s no possible way this could be correct. Too funny…

Moral of the story is, its 2009, and wedding vendors need to wake up to the fact that times are changing. There’s always more than one way to skin a cat, right? 😉

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